Zero-code manufacturing shop floor applications for operations, manufacturing, process and industrial engineers.

Tulip is a zero-code manufacturing application development platform that was purpose-built for those closest to the problems related to the shop floor - operations and engineering - who are sometimes using crude, out-dated obsolete tools to measure and track production performance within their manufacturing processes.  Tulip is incredibly easy to use.  If you can use PowerPoint and understand the logic of "If-Then-Else", you can build your own apps with Tulip.  Tulip applications are built in hours - not weeks or months.  Productivity is immediate.  Tulip does not require the expense of systems integrators, consultants or IT.  Tulip allows for true integration and interoperability between machines, devices, sensors and PEOPLE.  Tulip eliminates data siloes as it integrated extremely well with ERP, MRP and MES systems.  Tulip incorporates real-time analytic tools for instantaneous production and performance metrics to all stakeholders in the process.  


Some of the world’s leading manufacturers are already building Tulip apps to augment operators through better work instructions, streamline operations with production visibility apps, increase quality and implement lean best practices.  Our platform’s intuitive interface makes it possible for anyone to build their own apps without having to write any code, an innovation that’s been recognized by Gartner, IDC, Frost and Sullivan and the World Economic Forum.

You can learn more about the Tulip platform by watching this short video or better yet, try it out yourself with our 30-day free trial (you don’t need to download anything or provide credit card info):

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Your digital factory now comes in a box.

The Tulip Factory Kit is the easiest way to start building IoT-enabled apps.  Everything you need to create your own shop floor applications comes right in the box.


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